Thanks for stopping by the official site of Alan Tompkins, Dallas-based bluegrass banjo player, upright bass player, singer, founder of the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, and host of the Bluegrass Heritage Radio Show.  A native of the farming and coal mining country of western Kentucky, Alan grew up steeped in the sounds of classic country, Southern gospel, and bluegrass music.  It was a thrill for him to record his new album, No Part of Nothin'.  The cast is amazing, with dozens of IBMA and GRAMMY® award wins and nominations among them. Get your copy of No Part of Nothin' today and enjoy the ride!

"No Part of Nothin’ features great traditional music. From the Bill Monroe/Hank Williams penned tune I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome, to traditional pieces like Angelina Baker and More Pretty Girls Than One, Tompkins’s vocals and fine musicianship clearly shine throughout. He is also joined by a multiple-award winning group of musicians, including Sam Bush, Ron Stewart, Kenny and Amanda Smith, Greg Cahill, and Texas country artist Deryl Dodd.” - John Goad, Bluegrass Today

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No Part of Nothin'

No Part of Nothin'

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We appreciate the great print and online coverage of the single, This World Is Not My Home, and the the album, No Part of Nothin'.

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And just for grins, here's a short piece I wrote about the stellar 30-year reunion show by the Bluegrass Album Band in Asheville, North Carolina for

Airplay Direct Radio Charts

#7 Bluegrass / Folk Album - June 2012
#10 Bluegrass / Folk Album – May 2012
#26 Top Album (all genres) June 2012
#28 Top Album (all genres) May 2012
#50 Top Single (I’ve Been Redeemed) 
     (week of May 22 2012)
#45 Top Americana / AAA Single
(Angelina Baker) – May 2012

DJs can request radio liners or copies of the CD via the Contact page.  Thanks!

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No Part of Nothin'

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    I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome 03:20
  2. 2
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    Blue Kentucky Waltz 02:59
  3. 3
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    This World Is Not My Home 03:26
  4. 4
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    Count Me Out 02:51
  5. 5
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    More Pretty Girls Than One 02:31
  6. 6
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    Angelina Baker 04:22
  7. 7
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    When It Comes To You 03:33
  8. 8
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    I've Been Redeemed 03:16
  9. 9
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    Shenandoah Waltz 02:40
  10. 10
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    Lonesome Road Blues 02:22
  11. 11
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    Farther Along 03:42
  12. 12
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    No Part of Nothin' Blues 04:56

Liner Notes

You can download the complete liner notes and track information for the No Part of Nothin' CD here.

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Instruments and airplanes

For all my musician friends who've had problems when you tried to carry your banjo, guitar, or mandolin onto an aircraft as carry-on baggage, there is good news.  The FAA Modernization and Reform Act became law on Feb. 14, 2012 and requires airlines to allow you to carry your instrument on, if certain reasonable conditions are met.  I've made up a one-pager with the text of the relevant section that you can print and carry with you the next time you try to board a plane with your instrument.  It may help encourage a reluctant flight attendant to allow you to board if you have a copy of the law in your pocket (or maybe not).  Note - if you're trying to go aboard with a Calton or other hard case, you may have a problem anyway - they don't fit well in overhead bins.  Gig bags seem to work well.  Click to download the PDF document. Good luck!